I LOVE YOU TOO – Elephants


‘I Love You Too’                              16” x 20”

50 Master Giclee Edition S/N      $225.00


Splatt! It was bound to happen.  Barely a month old, it was his first-ever mud bath. And just like any kid playing in a mud puddle, it was a joy to behold. Every slip gave way to another slide and a whole new way to twist his body. Not yet able to control that silly little trunk in front, it was comedy in the making. A step planted right on the tip, a headplant, and a bewildered little tyke looking for consolation. His ever-watchful Mom was only steps away, trunk ready to reassure him. All of this was to the sound of our laughter as we watched these antics from the steps of our tents at Mana Pools in Zimbabwe.

I LOVE YOU TOO – Elephants by Sherry Steele
I LOVE YOU TOO – Elephants

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Dimensions 16 × 20 in

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