She Doesn’t Know She’s Beautiful – Cheetah


“She Doesn't Know She's Beautiful” 17½ x 8½
100 Master Giclée Edition $125
10   A/P  $150


During an early morning game drive in the Serengeti, we encountered this cheetah out in search of a mate. As she marked her way up and down termite mounds, she continuously emitted the distinctive cheetah “Chirp”, sending out her invitation to any available suitors in the area. At each pause the rising sun glowed through her luminous eyes.

Working from the sketches I made as we followed beside her, I can still see the longing in her gaze. For this piece, I changed from the original sketches where her tail had been stretched out flat, to a beckoning curl. Because of that enticing signal I very nearly named this piece, “Hey, Big Boy…..!”

She Doesn't Know She's Beautiful | Cheetah
She Doesn’t Know She’s Beautiful | Cheetah


  1. Sheena

    What a splendid dazzling beauty. I love ❤ cheetahs , they are truly God’s perfect creation .

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