What’s New – Summer 2017

Sherry Steele Artwork - Tuned In - Serval - Big Cats
Sherry Steele Artwork - Tuned In - Serval - Big Cats

The heat is on, scorching the Texas Hill Country and forcing me back inside.  Matching the blazing sun is the pace of our schedule and the burning need to be at my drawing table.  Creatures are cracking in my head in a heated fury to be released, angered by my slow pace.

Recovering from the euphoria of our safari, we rolled into the Spring Cottonwood Art Festival in Richardson, TX, at a breakneck speed.  My passion for Africa surely much have been felt by all who passed by our booth.  Many of our friends whom have traveled with us on safari gathered to share memories and revel in the very special bond we have together.

From there I headed to Kerrville, TX for a joint workshop by the Society of Animal Artists and the Susan K. Black Foundation.  Surrounded by acclaimed artists from around the country, I was knocked out of my comfort zone and into the hands of some of my most trusted mentors. Yikes! Cutting those farewells short, I dashed over to the Y.O. Hotel where Chuck had set up the booth for the Texas Masters of Fine Arts and Crafts Exhibit.  My first time showing with this exceptional group of Texas Artists, it felt good to be back at an event in Kerrville after so many years.

Additional side trips to San Francisco, Ajijic, Mexico, and College Station, TX, have done their part in slowing my progress, but they have also opened new doors.  The most exciting of which is the upcoming exhibit of my work at Texas A&M University’s College of Veterinary Medicine and Biomedical Sciences beautiful new Center.  Set to open at the Dog Bowl (A&M vs. Miss State) tailgate party held in the courtyard, I will be breaking new ground as the initial exhibit in their Gallery.

New Works:

Sherry Steele Artwork - Perpetual Motion II-I Shown as a pair as if Framed side by side.
Perpetual Motion II-I Shown as a pair as if Framed side by side.

Finally completed is my first Diptych.  Impossible to capture on a single sheet of Bristol Board, the flow of the Great Migration surged across my table and onto a second sheet.  Having just experienced it again in one of its most powerful masses in recent history, the awe-inspiring spectacle renewed my need to share it with you in a  microcosm.  Hung individually, adjacent to each other, or turning the corner of an adjoining wall, the movement and rhythm of this spectacle carries your eye across the room with it.

Sherry Steele Artwork - Tuned In - Serval - Big Cats
Tuned In – Serval – Big Cats

Cautious and rarely sighted, this beautiful little cat allowed us to join her on an evening hunt in the Ndutu region of the Serengeti.  Catching sight of her as she hunted along the lakeside, the lowering sun set her exquisite face aglow amongst the reeds.  Long-legged, with square-tipped ears swiveling at every sound, she located her next possible target.  Her delicate features made this a memorable sighting.

Sherry Steele Artwork - Got Your Back - Cape Buffalo
Got Your Back – Cape Buffalo

Bring it on.  Cape Buffalo – formidable, intimidating, and the favored African hunt of many, no other words need be spoken.  Having often observed the “brothers in arms” bond between Cape Buffalo Dugga Boys, and their fierce defense of each other when under attack, I have only the highest admiration for the lengths to which they will go to defend their brothers.  Taken from my sketchbook on our most recent Safari, this encounter puts the younger Bull in the forefront.  Still full of strength and testosterone, he trusts that his flank is well defended by the older Bull in the rear. The stark clarity of Scratchboard defines the most basic of concepts; unity, brotherhood, and survival.

Please look for these on my website www.sherrysteele.net for details.  Hope to see you in the Fall at one of our upcoming shows.