Born to Charm – Cheetah


“BORN TO CHARM”            14” x 14”
100 Master Giclée Edition    $195

16½” x 16½”
10 Special Giclée Edition     $250


Gamedrives in the Serengeti begin before sunrise. As our reward for setting out in the dark, pre-dawn chill, we were the first to discover a family of Cheetahs as they began to stir. Set aglow in the delicate light of dawn, I couldn’t take my eyes off the enchanting little female Cub as I sketched her. Bellies still full from a successful kill the day before, it would take several attempts for her to rouse her brother. Finally, a teasing look from her eyes and the game was on. As the romp of tag and tumble proceeded around our trucks, even a ball of elephant dung became a target bound for extermination. Clearly the bolder of the two, it will take every skill she was practicing, and that daring spirit, to be a survivor on the savannah.

Born to Charm | Cheetah
Born to Charm | Cheetah