What’s New – Summer 2022

August 3, 2022 admin 0

Filled with promise, 2022 began to accelerate from the “get-go”. The return of the Dallas Safari Club Convention was a welcome reprieve from the shutdown of our country. Optimism filled the vast hall. Exhibitors from around the world gathered, anxious to restore connections with their clients and celebrate the restoration of normalcy. Yes, there were hugs, and we cherished every one of them all the more.

Sherry Steele Artwork - Ripple Effect - Zebra

“Ripple Effect”

July 20, 2016 admin 0

Overpowering thirst has finally broken the deadlock.  The unbroken drought lies heavy across the Serengeti as tightly bunched families of Zebra await their chance at the waterhole.  Filling the dust-laden air with barks and squeals, […]

Sherry Steele Artwork

“Taste of Gold”

April 14, 2016 admin 0

“Taste of Gold” Dripping from her tongue was the scarcest of riches.  It was with power and luck her Pride maintained  dominance over the nearby waterhole.   The cool of morning had already evaporated and until […]