“Ripple Effect”

Sherry Steele Artwork - Ripple Effect - Zebra
Ripple Effect - Zebra

Overpowering thirst has finally broken the deadlock.  The unbroken drought lies heavy across the Serengeti as tightly bunched families of Zebra await their chance at the waterhole.  Filling the dust-laden air with barks and squeals, each stallion chooses the moment to drive his family forward into the water.  Given only a moment to satiate their thirst, each wave of mares and foals surges deeper into the pool in search of untainted water.  Reflections of their freshly washed black and white stripes flash as they return to the riverbank.  It is a time of confusion for the young and opportunity for the predators.  The pure power of Scratchbord captures the tension and the beauty of the moment.