Ultimatum – Elephant


“Ultimatum” 20″ x 15½”
100 Master Giclée Edition $195
12″ x 8″
100 Master Giclée Edition S/N $100
28″ x 22″
50 Giclée on Canvas $695


You have had your warning and dared to defy it. Now, it is time to face the consequences. From an encounter on the Botete River in Botswana where we had disturbed his afternoon swim, this Bull had had enough of us. Almost close enough to touch as he made his annoyance clear, it was not a moment to be forgotten. The many layers of inks I used let me capture the details of his body without losing the power of his presence. You can almost reach out and feel the texture of his crenellated hide.

Ultimatum | Elephant
Ultimatum | Elephant


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