Spirit of Mother Africa – Elephants


This beautiful print is available as a 26″ wide by 17″ tall Offset Edition that is Signed and Numbered.

“Spirit of Mother Africa”                         26″ x 17″
200 Offset Edition S/N                                $175
20   A/P                                $200


I still grope for words to describe how it felt to be in the presence of these magnificent creatures. Their power, their societal bonds and their intelligence seems to permeate the very air around them. They carried me back along the mysterious path of evolution to time immemorial where we become but a speck in the history of our world. To stand in a vehicle in the Tarangire of Tanzania, turn 360 degrees and see families of elephants gathered under the shade of acacia trees in the noonday sun can only be described as awesome and humbling. The shimmering heat and dust-filled air only intensifies the connection of the matriarch and her sisters. How many elephants do you see?

Spirit of Mother Africa | Elephants
Spirit of Mother Africa | Elephants

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Dimensions 17 × 26 in


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