Heart of a Lioness – Maasai Woman


“Heart of a Lioness” 17” x 15”
200 Master Giclée Edition $ 175.
20 A/P $ 210.


Spotting this young Maasai woman and her baby at a Maasai boma, I was captivated by her natural grace and beauty. More than that, there was the mixture of her innocence and her fire. Probably only about 16 years old, her face was soft each time she glanced tenderly at the infant on her back. A momentary outburst by some of the older women (was it envy?) prompted a fierce flash of defiance from her eyes. Embodying all it takes for a woman to survive in her culture, the expression on her face encapsulates the fire and mystery of Africa. After sketching her that day, I found her presence lingered over me until I was powerless to resist. Here she is, my first person, in the vibrant colors and jewelry of her tribe.

Heart of a Lioness | Maasai Woman
Heart of a Lioness | Maasai Woman


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