Wisdom in His Eyes


“Wisdom In His Eyes”         14” x  17”
100 Master Giclée Edition  $185
10 A/P                                $220


He was called Oloboini, the spiritual leader of his village. I didn’t know it at the time, I only knew his eyes had a depth of wisdom not present in the other Maasai men. Even after our brief introduction as we entered the village, which could have been easily overwhelmed with their flamboyant greeting dance, his presence still lingered in my mind. My huried sketch upon climbing back into our safari truck tried to catch his serene demeanor. He had seen the past, the loss of traditions, and now he could feel the press of the future on his people. Revealing that powerful presence has placed him among the rare portraits of people I have been compelled to capture.

Wisdom in His Eyes
Wisdom in His Eyes

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