Legends of the West – Longhorns


“Legends of the West” 24″ x 12″
100 Canvas Giclée Edition S/N $190


Preferring to depict wildlife, Texas Longhorns are the only domesticated animal I portray. Only after our move to Texas, and under extreme duress, I was finally persuaded to visit a friend’s ranch to see his champion Longhorns. Driving out into the pasture dotted with old Liveoak trees, the Longhorns came loping in to the sound of the truck’s horn. Told to jump out of the truck to join them, I found myself in the midst of these huge creatures as they swirled around me. Looking for some nuggets, they bumped and butted each other with their enormous horns, yet always seemed to be aware of where this fragile human stood. It was instant love. Evolving from stock brought by the Spanish Conquistadors, the resilient longhorn is a great symbol of the West and its survivors. I always find myself pondering the past and the future when I have the good fortune to return to the pasture and sketch them as they graze around me. Their unique patterns and beguiling personalities provide an endless array of possibilities for my pens.

Legends of the West | Longhorns
Legends of the West | Longhorns


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