Mischief Brewing – Elephant


“Mischief Brewing”                21-3/4” x  10-3/4”

50 Master Giclée Edition                    $180.

5 Artists Proofs                                   $210.

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You could tell by the mischief in their eyes that naughty behavior was just about to break out from these four young Bull Calves.  Surrounded by several families of elephants calmly grazing around us, they could hardly contain the temptation to stir up trouble.  A surreptitious ‘high-five’ between them and they began the charge.  Squealing with glee as they sprinted between our trucks, the entire herd erupted into a frenzy of trumpeting and alarm as the troublemakers dashed away in delight.

Mischief Brewing Elephants Sherry Steele Artwork
Mischief Brewing Elephants Sherry Steele Artwork


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Dimensions 21.75 × 10.75 in