Kaleidoscope of Stripes – Zebras


Kaleidoscope of Stripes          16” x  20”

50 Master Giclee Edition           $150.00


My eyes deceived me. As we bounced along on the long drive from the Central Serengeti to the Grumeti River, I passed the miles photographing the changing scenery. The wildlife, although still plentiful, became more wary due to poaching. Clumps of Cape Buffalo and Zebras paused to watch our passage and gauge our intent as we passed. This small family of Zebras remained huddled together in a puzzle of stripes, focused on our purpose in their territory.  At the last moment the youngster’s head popped up to peer over his mother’s back in curiosity. The illusion was complete. Not until I returned home did I realize what an amazing photograph it was. Complete confusion to a stalking Lion.

Here is the original photograph that inspired the artwork:

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Dimensions 16 × 20 in