Conquest of a King – Lions


“Conquest of a King 25″ x 11″
200 Master Giclée Edition $165
20 A/P $210


Bringing the start of the Long Rains with us as we entered the Serengeti, I was looking for a sign that my heart would be healed from the fresh loss of my Daddy, whose name happened to be King. As our four vehicles began the trek to our bush camp through the falling rain, we began to encounter the first rock Kopjes jutting up from the sea of grass. Suddenly, the thunderheads towering above us opened up and a brilliant ray of sunshine sliced through the mist. Illuminating a slick outcrop, it looked like a mound of molten silver in front of us. Outlined atop the mound were the silhouettes of a honeymooning pair of lions.

When a lioness comes into season, she and the pride male will go off by themselves for a period of 3 days to consummate the bond. Mating as often as every 15 minutes during that period, the lineage of the next generation is guaranteed. In this case, the ardor of the lioness had not yet been satiated, while her king was on the point of exhaustion. Climbing down from the kopje, the scene became comical as they strode alongside our vehicles. Using her most flirtatious moves to encourage him, it was clear each time he collapsed that this must be the final day of their courtship. Even the King of Beasts must admit defeat in the face of his demanding bride.

Conquest of a King | Lions
Conquest of a King | Lions