Tuned In – Serval


“Tuned In”                                   20-1/2” x  14-3/4”

50 Master Gicleé Edition             $195.

5 Artist Proof                               $225.


Cautious and rarely sighted, this beautiful little Serval allowed us to join her on an evening hunt in the Ndutu region of the Serengeti.  The lowering sun set her exquisite face aglow amongst the reeds as she hunted along the lakeside.  Long-legged, with square-tipped ears swiveling at every sound, she located her next possible target more by pinpointing the sound than by sight.  Smaller than a bobcat, and a clear target for the many larger predators of Africa, it is easy to understand why this is only my 3rd sighting of this captivating little cat.

Sherry Steele Artwork - Tuned In - Serval - Big Cats
Tuned In – Serval – Big Cats