What’s New – Summer 2016


Filled with inspiration, my pens have been flying across the paper.  Almost keeping pace with my mind, the creatures are pressing forward to be released before they are engulfed by the next safari. Gosh it feels good!


Delighting in the unusually perfect weather, the crowds in May thronged the aisles of Richardson, TX’s Cottonwood Art Festival.  Quickly spreading, word about our decision to lead one more safari to Tanzania amplified the usual buzz and energy in our tent.  And, as an adjunct to the show, my participation in the Visiting Artist program gave me an opportunity to once again share my love of wildlife in the arts with the students of Northrich Elementary school.  Many of them, never having touched real feathers and furs, found real joy as I guided them in capturing those textures with the most basic of tools.

Taking advantage of this break between shows, we have managed to fill it full of events.   A glorious Spring in the Hill Country found us invited to the acclaimed Star S Ranch to gather more reference sketches of Sable Antelope.  Catching sight of herds of them as they coursed through the wildflowers proved to be endless inspiration for my current piece of a Sable Bull.  Nearing completion on my drawing table, look for this elegant rendering at the Fall Cottonwood Festival.

2July found us celebrating a Patriotic 4th with family and friends.  Strutting its finest Red, White, and Blue for its annual parade, our neighborhood gathered in song and spirit to honor our flag.  Joining us were my son, his family, and my niece and her husband from California.  Both of these special men are graduates of the Air Force Academy and pilots serving our Country.  It was a privilege to celebrate with them their service and the sacrifice of the many whom have gone before to keep us free.

A quick trip to Buffalo, NY, to visit Chuck’s son was the perfect way to escape the Texas heat.  Packing in sightseeing, visits to local breweries, sampling the original Buffalo Wings, and teaching Texas two-step to a group of friends filled the weekend.

My first sight of Niagara Falls was only intensified when we walked across the bridge to view the Falls from the Canadian side.   It was a powerful and humbling reminder of the grandeur filling the spaces of our planet Earth.

Less time on the road for shows has also meant more time at my drawing table.  Surprising even me, the number of new works flowing from my drawing table is at a record pace.  You can find the six new pieces; “A Glance & Gone” (Kudu), “Truce” (Cape Buffalo with Ground Hornbills), “Taste of Gold” (Lioness), “Bedazzled” (Lilac Breasted Roller), “Caution-Impala Crossing” (Impala), and “Ripple Effect” (Zebras) on these pages.  Enjoy the tour.

Just in……we have been invited to show in the Armadillo Christmas Bazaar!  An Austin classic, this show combines all the best of Austin’s culture for Christmas, live music, and art for a ten-day celebration.  Please stay tuned for the dates, times, and booth number.

I hope you have enjoyed a summer filled with time with your families and your own adventures.  Looking forward to seeing you at one of my upcoming shows.