What’s New | December 2015

Sherry Steele Artwork


The end of 2015 is in sight, but the news is still rolling in. It seems the years we go on safari fly past so quickly everything else, like writing a “What’s New” column, is left in the dust. Because of that, I will only bring you up to date with my most recent adventures.

Over the summer our travels took us back to the Durnal Ranch at Chimney Rock, Nebraska. Having missed this trek for several years, we finally had the chance to check on our Longhorns and, most importantly, spend some rare time with Judy Durnal and our other friends in the area. While there, we ventured into the Agate Fossil Bed National Monument in northwestern Nebraska. Imagine my shock to find the landscape eerily similar to the Serengeti, only modified by the element of snow repetitively shaping it. Rock outcroppings holding secretes from the Miocene Era punctuated the wide grasslands and the aura of the ancient nomadic tribes who roamed there lingers in the air. It is a pristine region where our once-vast herds of bison would have rivaled the spectacle of Africa’s migrations. No wonder I loved it.

Sherry taking a moment with renowned wildlife artist John Ruthven
Sherry taking a moment with renowned wildlife artist John Ruthven

September found me returning to Dubois, WY, to the Susan K. Black Foundation’s Artist Workshop. It is always with great anticipation, and a serious dose of intimidation, that I attend this incredible workshop for professional artists. With over 150 attendees and internationally renowned instructors like Robert Bateman, Mort Solberg, David Rankin, and Lauren McCracken, the creative energy fairly crackles in the air. Over the years several of the instructors have become not only my friends, but also my trusted mentors. It has been with their usually gentle prodding that my work has continued to evolve. It is always motivating to see the growth in each new piece following my time with these friends. Let’s see what comes out next!

“Cowboy Christmas” in Las Vegas. We are loading up now for this new event. Always ready to take on a tempting new opportunity, this one has been teasing us for years. Offered the chance to exhibit with the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation as an addition to Cowboy Christmas, we knew we had to take it. Held in Las Vegas at the Convention Center every December as part of the National Rodeo Finals, this 10-day show is a celebration of everything Western. Pulling on our boots, we look forward to sharing my work with the 220,000 attendees at the Rodeo.

Cultural Heritage Center, Arusha Tanzania


The most exciting news for the coming year is the invitation to have a special exhibit of my work at the Cultural Heritage Center Art Museum in Arusha. This stunning museum, based on the famed Guggenheim Museum, houses one of the largest collections of African based art in the world. In conjunction with the exhibit will be appearances at local schools to share my sketching and Pen & Ink techniques with the children of Arusha. The dates will be posted soon.

So many events have kept us busy that we are just a bit late getting our annual Newsletter to the printer. It will be in the mail to you soon, and viewable on this site, with more about my newest works and upcoming schedule. And please watch for the unveiling of a refreshed and revised look to the site in the next few weeks.

May your Thanksgiving table be filled with the bounty of Family, Friends, and Love.