Heading Home – Road Runner


“Heading  for Home”        14” x  24”
50 Master Giclée Edition         $225.

Medium Size                         11” x 19”
50 Master Giclée Edition         $175.

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Shimmering in the light, the cicada was held high as he dashed home with his trophy.  The distinctive slash of orange and turquoise behind his eyes glowed with pride as he raced past me.  Legs churning in classic “Beep, Beep” style, the sunlight illuminated the green iridescence along his back.  The twisting arms of a euphorbia plant had failed to conceal the hapless cicada from his determined stalker. Daily encounters with our pair of neighborhood Road Runners make my morning walks a game of “spot and speed”.  As the day wears on they often streak past my studio window in constant search for geckos and insects for their brood.  As is the case with species that mate for life, both wear the same plumage and I can only identify the larger female when they are together.  Wily Coyote never had a chance against these clever birds.


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Dimensions 19 × 11 in
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50 Master Giclée Edition 14” x  24” = $225, 50 Master Giclée Edition 11” x 19” Medium Size = $175

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