Keeping Watch – Deer


Keeping Watch                                           18” x 14”

50 Master Giclee Edition S/N                  $195.00

5 Artist Proofs                                           $225.00


Every Spring, early morning walks in our neighborhood are sweetened by this Doe and her twins.  Actually, there are two does, easily differentiated because one has a stubby tail and one has a limp, and they have both have borne twins for the past four years. Oftentimes, they even take turns babysitting all four of them at once, leaving them safely nestled among the abundance of Spring wildflowers.  These absences soon become brief as their energy quickly requires constant guidance under their mothers’ watchful gaze.  All the while, their Mums rarely rest until their babes can be on their own.


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Dimensions 18 × 14 in