Fire in His Eyes – Lion


“Fire In His Eyes”                           23-1/2” x  18”

50 Master Giclée Edition               $225.00



“Fire In His Eyes”

Sunrise in the Serengeti.  The only sight that could overpower the sense of wonder we had just experienced as we soared across the Endless Sea of Grass in a hot air balloon was this splendid Lion.  Heading to the champagne breakfast aboard the chase truck, we were stunned as brilliant sunrays pierced the thick screen of grasses to reveal this sight.  Like flames flickering around his face, the sun set his splendid mane afire. With eyes set only on the young Lioness at his side, he was oblivious to our prying eyes as I sketched.

Fire In His Eyes - Sherry Steele Artwork - Lion
Fire In His Eyes – Sherry Steele Artwork – Lion

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Dimensions 23.5 × 18 in