Intrigued – Leopard


Intrigued                                      23-1/2” x 18”

50 Master Giclee Edition              $225.00


What’s out there…is it friend, or foe, or dinner? Whiskers flared and eyes focused, he searches for the answer in the lowering light.  I call this magnificent leopard “Stan’s Leopard”. After his first safari to Africa in the 1980’s, Stan returned with us in 2015 still hoping to see a leopard such as this. Secretive and rarely relaxed in the presence of spectators, it is always a high priority to sight a leopard, any leopard, from any distance, when on safari.  This magnificent male had casually walked within feet of our truck, stared directly at us, before resting in the shade of a nearby acacia tree. It was as if Stan’s long-held wish had finally been granted.

Intrigued Leopard artwork by Sherry Steele
Intrigued Leopard

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Dimensions 23.5 × 18 in