Feeling Frisky – Bat Eared Foxes


“Feeling Frisky”                          14” x 19”

50 Master Giclée Edition               $195


Bat-Eared Foxes – it’s time to go out and play!  The cooling air brings out the Flirt as he entices his coy little lady from the den to join him in an evening romp. One of my favorite lesser-known species, these charming little creatures have been begging for years for their turn on my drawing table.  With oversized ears for locating insects deep underground, lovely thick coats, and expressive faces, these beguiling creatures have ended many of my afternoon game drives with a smile.

Bat Eared Foxes_Artwork by Sherry Steele
Bat Eared Foxes_Artwork by Sherry Steele

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Dimensions 14 × 19 in