Fantasy Buck – Axis Deer


‘FANTASY BUCK”                                 Axis

‘Fantasy Buck”                                       16” x 20”

100 Master Giclee Edition S/N          $225.

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“Fantasy Buck”

Wily and more elusive than white tail deer, the exotic Axis (Chital) Deer present a special challenge all their own. With a heightened sense of smell and alertness, they are quick to disappear at the slightest hint of danger. In an instant those beautiful, glowing spots become the ultimate camouflage in the brush. Invited out to the Flagler Ranch in the Texas Hill Country, my gifted guide led me across the ridges and through the ravines, where my chances to sketch these illusive beauties quickly dissolved within moments of pausing. Surely it must have been a mirage. If it had been Whitetail, Fallow, or Kudu, my goal would have been met on the first afternoon. A second day of tracking revealed even more secrets about their behaviors and a few quick sketches to cement them in my mind. Yes, I did have a fleeting glimpse of a Fantasy Buck and it continued to haunt my dreams until I put him down on paper.

Fantasy Buck Axis Deer Artwork by Sherry Steele

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Dimensions 16 × 20 in