Tension in the Air – Cheetah


Size –  14” W x 18” H

50 Master Giclée Edition S/N      $225

5 Artist Proofs  S/N                     $250


Tension in the Air – Cheetah:  Just when we thought the Serengeti had given us all she had, there was one more moment to capture. There, poised above us on a mound was a solitary Cheetah starting his hunt. Eyeing the herds of Wildebeest and Zebras beneath him, he weighed his chances for a meal. Seeing their reaction to his presence, he decided to nonchalantly stroll down for a drink as they scattered away from him. Feigning indifference while they gathered in vigilant clusters on the opposite side of the waterhole, his focus on their presence never faltered. Dinner and Danger are ever present on the Serengeti.

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50 Master Giclée Edition S/N = $225, 5 Artist Proofs S/N = $250