Dream A Little Dream – Lion


Name:   Dream A Little Dream

Size:      16” x 20-1/2”

Edition:   50 s/n Limited Edition


“Dream A Little Dream”

Lying sun-dappled among the leaves of a quinine tree, this young male Lion dreamed of his days to come when he is King.  Secluded and safe for the time being from the current rulers, he would grow in strength and build his own powerful coalition for when his time comes. Until then, he can dream of his days in the sun surrounded by the ladies of his future pride.  And, yes, Lions do climb trees. I have seen it many times. This tranquil scene closed the final chapter of my last safari as we left the Ngorongoro Crater. My dreams of returning to Africa still rest among the trees of the cool Lerai Forest with him.

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Dimensions 16 × 20.5 in