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Sherry Steele

Seldom on public display, Sherry  Steele’s Originals are highly sought by discerning collectors.  From the walls of her studio they surround Sherry as she works, lending their inspiration to the next creature evolving on her drawing table.    Each original patiently awaits the special person who will be touched by it and claim it for their collection.

 Rendered in her unique technique of full color pen and ink, an original takes 3-4 months to complete.  Observed and sketched in the wild, each creature has revealed itself to her in moments of unspoiled beauty.  She has watched how they move, and how their bodies are perfectly suited to their environment.    Her ability to store minute details brings those encounters to life with an intensity impossible to capture with the click of a camera shutter.  Their unguarded behavior and expressions are preserved as she saw it happening, remaining stored in her mind until choosing their own turn for revelation.

Sherry’s job is to distill those encounters into fine art through composition and mastery of her medium.  Beginning with a series of thumbnail sketches based on her life studies, various arrangements are tested for presentation and flaws.  Settling on a final composition, she knows that keeping it Spartan allows the viewer to appreciate the exquisite detail without overwhelming the eye.    As Sherry draws her subject directly onto the archival Bristol Board paper, she can already see the finished piece in her mind.

After mixing a palette of lightfast colors from a limited array of permanent transparent inks, the time-intensive process of applying layers of colors starts.  One by one, the tens of thousands of strokes become almost sculptural in their depth.  Using the finest of pen points, Sherry achieves a delicacy and richness that make you want to reach out and touch the fur of the animal.   Any background of dust or mist is applied one dot at a time.

The final phase, adding the eyes, is fraught with apprehension and anticipation.  The medium is unforgiving if she makes a mistake.  Closing the doors to her studio, Sherry seeks to convey the spirit she felt as she watched this exquisite creature.  A secret shared between the two of them.    After the months spent reliving their encounter on a daily basis the connection is complete.  It is a time to celebrate.


Why buy an original?  Aside from the inherent value of owning an original piece of art, there are many reasons for choosing to make the investment.   The limited number of originals produced annually by Sherry has naturally created an elevated level of demand.   While new giclée printing processes have advanced the quality of prints to a high degree of excellence, there is still a visible difference from the original work of art.  The biggest distinction comes from the effect of the pen points as they make actual cuts in the paper, creating even greater depth impossible to capture in a print.   Accompanying each original is the history, or Provenance, of the piece.  This is usually comprised of copies of the pages from Sherry’s journal, drawings and thumbnail sketches, the story of the encounter and even the swatches of colors on the borders of the paper where she tests her inks.   And to complete the package, the collector also receives an Artists Proof from the printed edition of the artwork.


Interested in becoming a collector and proud owner of one of these Sherry Steele originals?  Please contact us directly at (512) 892-3553 or via email at


Faultless,  Flawless Connection

Sherry Steele-Show Me A Little Leg
"Show Me A little Leg" 21 X 13½


"Bison Portrait" 7" x 17"


"Are We There Yet?" 12 ¾" x 28 ¾"


"Talk Of The Town"             15" x 12"


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