What's New
(June 2002)

Show Activity:

            What a wonderful way to wrap up the Spring show season!  Despite concerns about the economy, art collectors are proving their dedication by continuing to seek fine art as an enhancement to their lives.

            The annual Texas State Arts and Crafts Fair followed on the heels of a great Spring Cottonwood Art Festival in Richardson, TX.  The TACEF Fair is held on the grounds of Schreiner College in Kerrville, TX, and is the only official art event sponsored by the State of Texas. It has developed a reputation for having the finest array of professional Texas fine art talent and attracts collectors from every corner of the state and around the nation.   My thanks to each of the new and return collectors whom made this an outstanding event.

            The first weekend in June found us at the Texas Longhorn Breeders Assoc. of America’s World Show Ft. Worth, TX.  It is always a thrill to be surrounded by the most superb examples of this magnificent breed, and this year’s show was no exception.   

Upcoming events:

          The Durnal Ranch in Bayard, NE beckons with the first annual All-Girl Longhorn Round-up being held in late June.  I will be riding with the 40 women hand–selected to participate in moving Judy Durnal’s herd of longhorns to summer pasture.  We will also be entertained around the campfire by World Champion Roper, Joan Wells, while we sample the longhorn cuisine created by a New York chef.  Located on the high plateaus favored by the Sioux Indians for their summer camps, it will be another adventure to add to my journey through Life.

            Chuck and I will be taking a break from shows for the remainder of the summer, except for a small exhibit in Ingram, TX.  We will be traveling to San Miguel de Allende, Mexico, and to the Rockies of Colorado during the break.  After a period of intense shows, followed by an overload of visual images, it will be a well-earned break for both of us.  I look forward to letting the creativity flow freely through my fingers while we re-charge our batteries.  


            We will be debuting the new print of a Bald Eagle portrait in the Fall series of shows.  It, along with several small originals, will be available for your viewing then.  Watch for them here online as they are completed. 

Upcoming Shows:

            Hill Country Arts Foundation – July 12-14 – Ingram, TX


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