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September 2003

After 500 hours and approximately 1,000,000 dots, my “Lady of the Alamo -Her Name Is Courage” is finally finished.  This has truly turned into a work of love as the piece grew from a moment of inspiration to a work filled with emotion. The official release date is October 11th at the Daughters of the Republic of Texas event, “EVENING WITH THE ALAMO HEROES”.  This will be a black tie gala at which my piece will be auctioned for the benefit of the DRT.  You are the first to see her here on my website.

Inspired when I visited with the Curator of the Alamo and saw the petticoat of Susanna Dickinson, one of the 6 women survivors of the siege of the Alamo , I knew these women must also be honored. As the piece evolved I was repeatedly drawn to the Sacristy, the room within the shrine where she hid with her baby.  It was the room where she could be closest to her husband’s position on the rampart as he commanded the artillery.  Implored by Col. Travis on the final night of the siege to try to return his ring to his sweetheart, she cradles it in her hands.  The need to be strong must overcome the despair in her heart.  

More than just a piece about the Alamo , I hope it is a tribute to all the women throughout history whom have been the strength of their families.  Their dedication, courage and bravery have earned them their place as the unsung heroes of freedom.           

As the official Custodians of the Alamo , the Daughters of the Republic of Texas (descendants of those heroes) are excited about my Lady.  Since there has never been a piece of art commemorating these brave women, they have opened many doors to me for research. The biggest honor came when they placed me within the Confessionary of the Shrine for a day of television, radio and newspaper coverage.  I could feel the presence of Susanna, and the spirits of those brave souls whom perished around her, as I worked.

Please stay tuned as events unfold about the release of this piece.   

New Works:  The promised release of my Kudu Bull, “The Arrogance of Elegance”, is finally official.  This most elegant of the antelope family is flawed by his very beauty.  Arrogant in his skill at disappearing into the African bush, it is his stealth and stunning set of horns which make him a prize trophy.  His exquisite elegance demanded simplicity and is set to grace the cover of Dallas Safari Club’s “Gametrails” magazine in September.  

Next on my drawing table is a leopard sleeping high on a tree branch.  Set aside when I was given the Alamo commission, he has been patiently awaiting his turn.  You can imagine my anticipation in returning to my beloved wildlife after the emotional intensity of doing Susanna.  

Upcoming Events: The first of September finds us hard on the road to our first series of shows.  On Sept. 2nd I will conduct a one-day workshop for the Cumberland Art Society in Cookeville , TN.   Covering every aspect of my pen and ink technique, I look forward to sharing my methods with this talented group of artists.         

The Atlanta Art Expo opens the following weekend, Sept. 5-7, at the Georgia World Congress Center .  This show is second only to the huge Art Expo in NYC and specifically caters to the art trade.  Look for me in booth 2364 and at the “Meet the Artist” reception on Saturday night.         

We will then be on the road to exhibit at the annual conference of the American Zoological Association of Docents in Omaha , NE.   Please check my show schedule for the odd exhibit hours.  This is an exciting event for me because they will give us behind-the-scenes tours of the world-renowned Omaha Zoo.  I don’t think I will ever get my fill of close encounters with animals.  

Next month wraps up with “The Gathering” in Dripping Springs , Texas , on September 27-28.  This fine art and wine tasting festival is held at the        Vineyard.  The venue is inviting and the atmosphere is pure Texas Hill Country.  It is a weekend to benefit the efforts of the Dripping Springs Preservation Society and a fun event for the entire family.  

I am also focusing again on my group safari to Tanzania .  Hooray! The longing to return to that haunting continent is growing daily. The limited space is almost filled and we only have 3 reservations remaining.  I will be happy to share all the details if you are interested in this unforgettable adventure for artists and non-artists alike.    

Important Note:  PLEASE CONTACT ME! Our computer crashed recently and we lost all names added to our mailing list during the past two years.  If you wish to continue to receive show notices and my Annual Newsletter, it is important that you email me at ssteele@sherrysteele.net, or drop me at card at 5335 Magdelena Dr. , Austin , TX 78735 .  Thanks


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