"Don't Mess With A Legend"

What’s New: December 2002
"Life is either a daring adventure or nothing at all."   Helen Keller


Dear Friends,

Sitting down to write this newsletter has become an annual work of love for me, so I am using excerpts from it for this month’s "What’s New" page. It makes me pause and review the many wonderful things that have happened to me over the past year; the unexpected doors that have opened, the beautiful creatures to inspire me, and the special people who have walked into my life. Thank you for being an important part of that magical combination.

As this passion of mine carries me onward, it has a momentum and life of its own. I sometimes feel like a spectator in the growth and acceptance of my work ….it almost leaves me breathless. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

For most of us the year began with an element of uncertainty following the tragedy of 9-11. The world of art was no exception. Committed to my life’s work, there was no question that I would continue creating and trust there would be an opportunity to share the beauty. The year 2002 was excellent. For the most part, all shows maintained or grew beyond expectations. Several new venues were added, including the American Zoological Assoc. of Docents Conference, the Woodlands Art Fest near Houston, TX, and the Denver Indian and Southwest Art Market further widened my horizons The dramatic increase in the movement of prints to Galleries has also been exciting, as has been our ability to assist many of you with donations for your local fund-raisers.

The year also had its share of unexpected recognition. It was a surprise when the Texas Longhorn Breeders Association called to ask me if they could use one of my Longhorn pieces, "Sagebrush Babes", for the cover of their annual cows and calves issue. I understand that cover has now been submitted for the national cover competition for specialty magazines. I was later flattered to have InformArt magazine publish a feature article on me in their summer issue.

In my final show of the year at the Woodlands Art Fest, I came home with a ribbon and award for, "Sentimental Journey" (my gentle grizzly). And for those of you familiar with the magazine, Woman’s Viewpoint, debuting in January 2003, I will be one of the eight women spotlighted in their inaugural edition. It will make a grand finale to a great year.

New Works

For those of you interested in adding a small Sherry Steele original to your collection, I have initiated a series of originals done on scratchboard. This medium allows me to work more quickly as I explore interesting new subjects. I plan to have two of these 9" x 12" originals at each show during 2003. I hope you like them.


When the schedule wasn’t filled with shows we were frequently on the road absorbing new sights and seeking new adventures. My sketchbook was constantly open to record the impressions I encountered. As I turn the pages the sketches leap out at me begging to be turned into complete works of art.

Over the summer our travels took us from the Colorado Rockies to San Miguel de Allende in Old Mexico. In June I earned my spurs on the Ranchin’ Rosie Classic (an all-girl Longhorn round-up) on the Durnal Ranch in Nebraska. It was a celebration of Longhorns and the women who helped build the West. In the shadow of legendary Chimney Rock, we moved the herd across Billy Goat Pass to summer pasture. Among the 65 women riding with us were members of the Cowgirl Hall of Fame, poets, singers, NYC chefs and National Rodeo Champions. It truly was a privilege to be among this extraordinary group of women. And no……I didn’t fall off my horse!


In February my eyes can at long last turn back to Africa. The planning is complete for the group of artists, sculptors and collectors accompanying me on this safari to my favorite places in Tanzania. I have tailored the safari to suit artist and non-artist alike for the ultimate viewing experiences. We will alternate between beautiful lodges and luxury mobile tented bush camps, which will place us in the very midst of the wildlife. Starting with Arusha National Park, we will journey to Lake Manyara, the Tarangire, the Grumeti River Gorge, the Serengeti, and the Olduvai Gorge. The trip finally culminates at Africa’s greatest wildlife gem, the Ngorongora Crater.

None of the current group has previously been to Africa and I am excited about sharing this life-changing experience with them. I can already imagine the way it will fill their albums with great pictures, their journals with sketches, and their minds with unforgettable images.

If you are interested, but were unable to join me on this safari, please watch for the announcement of a similar safari in 2005.

Our world has changed in many ways, but so have our opportunities to make it a better place. With renewed appreciation for those precious to us, we can take it one step further by extending thoughtful actions to everyone we encounter. Every day each of us can and must make a difference.

May this Holiday Season and the year to come be filled with the warmth of being surrounded by loved ones and the Beauty of a Joyful Spirit.         



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