Frequently Asked Questions


Can I purchase Sherry Steele originals?

A. Yes, originals are available for purchase.  Please visit our Originals Page to see what is still available. Because Sherry's technique is extremely time-intensive, she generally produces only 4 large original works per year.  Believing that each piece will eventually (hold for later completion)
Q. What does S/N stand for?
A. Signed and Numbered Limited Edition
Q. What does A/P stand for?

AP means Artist Proof.  With each edition, a portion of the run (normally 10%) is set aside as Artist's Proofs.  The concept of Artist Proofs has been carried down from the past when the first prints of the run (edition) were considered to be of higher quality than the subsequent prints.  Although this is no longer the case, the concept continues.  An AP typically sells for a $20 to $50 premium over the standard print.

Today, the person who is attracted to a piece because they like the technique/subject or whether they buy it because it will look great in their home will buy a standard print.  A buyer who prefers to have a lower numbered print, from a smaller edition is attracted to the AP.  Also, those who see investment potential will likely buy an AP.  Many AP prints that are sold will never be framed, because the buyer plans to resell them in the secondary market in the coming years.

Each print is signed and numbered by the Artist as, for example, 121/200; means print #121 out of an edition of 200.  The AP will be signed and numbered, for example, AP 12/20 means AP print #12 out of an edition of 20 prints. 

Q. What is a Giclée print?
A. Giclée, pronounced "Gee-Clay", is a method of high resolution digital printing created by a series of tiny jets spraying literally millions of droplets of archival printing ink onto the highest quality paper available.  The "spray" generates more than 4 million droplets of ink per second, hence the name Giclée - a French verb which means "to spray".

A precise computer control panel insures consistency of the color hue, value and density, while producing a combination of 512 chromatic color changes.  Our publisher utilizes an IXIA printer capable of producing a resolution approaching 2000 dots per square inch which is 2-3 times greater than that obtained in the lithography process.

Q. How do I order a print?

The website does not provide a "shopping cart".  Interested parties may call the studio in Austin, TX (512) 892-3553, or email Sherry at  to discuss purchasing.

The shipment of prints is normally within two days of placing an order.  A Texas sales tax of .0825 is added to all shipments within Texas, and a shipping charge of $5.00 applies.


Is Custom Framing available?  


Yes.  Upon request, a choice of two "most often used" combinations of mats and moulding can be emailed to you.  Typical custom framing is done using a double mat (with the top mat being suede), a fillet between mats, and moulding proportionate to the image size.  Click here to see a typical sample of framing.  Framed Print


Are Sherry Steele prints available from my local Gallery or Frame Shop so that I can select matting and moulding locally?


Yes.  Simply ask your local dealer to contact Sherry, and the print(s) can be shipped direct to them.


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