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“High Desert Dandy”

Caught by the first snow of the season, not even the flakes embellishing his antlers and crusting his back can cool the ardor of this Desert Mule Deer. 

The harsh conditions of his range in the high deserts of New Mexico only intensify the bitter cold of the approaching winter.   Wearing his bejeweled antlers like a crown, there is little that will distract this Dandy from his quest to conquer his rivals and find the ladies.

"High Desert Dandy" 17" x 26"
100 Master Giclée Edition S/N $195
10 A/P $235
  22" x 33"
10 Giclée on Canvas S/N    $395

Custom Sized Canvas Available

“A Peek At Innocence”

Discovering this little charmer during an early morning walk in our neighborhood, I was able to sketch him before he disappeared.

 Innocently thinking his beautifully spotted hide kept him well hidden, he was the perfect model for me as instinct kept him motionless while his mother browsed and I sketched.

 Peeking through the fern, he was betrayed by his big ears and luminous eyes. Finally, panic overcame instinct when a monster garbage truck roared past and he scampered off on delicate legs.

"A Peek At Innocence" 13¾" x 16"
100 Master Giclée Edition S/N $95
10 Artist Proofs $110


"American Classic" 25"x32"
100 Master Giclée on Canvas $395

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