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Baby Camel

A New Beginning - Sherry Steele Camel


This one surprised even me when it demanded to be the next image coming off my drawing table.  Trying to fathom why I may have been impelled to draw a baby camel, other than the fact that they are adorable, left me very puzzled. 

Sighting this small Bactrian bull calf at the St. Louis Zoo, with his little humps still flat and legs spradled for balance, struck a chord in me.  It may have been concern over my son’s deployment to Iraq that subconsciously triggered the connection. 

Perhaps this fellow can be an omen for better, more peaceful times in a part of the world that has never known peace.

"A New Beginning" 13¾ X 18½
200 Master Giclée Edition $125
A/P $150


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