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Cape Buffalo

Sighted in the Serengeti while the drought lay heavy across the savannah, he was the chosen warrior to lead the herd to water. Trusted with the safety of the cows and calves, he cautiously threaded the gauntlet of lions obscured by the clumps of grasses. I hope I have honored his gallant character with my pens.  

“The Old Gladiator”    14-1/2” x  8-3/4”
100  Giclée Edition S/N  $195
  19-3/4” x  12”
100 Giclée Edition S/N $225
10 Artist’s Proof  S/N $250

American Bison

American Bison - Sherry Steele Bison

"Bison Portrait" 7" x 17"
200 Master Giclée Edition S/N $90
20 A/P $115
"Original Available for Purchase"


Cape Buffalo
Bad to the Bone - Sherry Steele Cape Buffalo
"Bad to the Bone" 22" x 16"
200 Master Giclée Edition $190
20 A/P $225


The Wrecking Crew - Sherry Steele Cape Buffalo


This pair of Cape buffalo in their prime threaten you with their wicked glare.  Backlit by the rich African sky in the Ngorongora Crater, even the restless cattle egret mirrors their menace.  In fact, struggling to convey their evil glower, my first efforts failed to capture the essence of their intent.  My pens don’t naturally create unhappy eyes, and are even less forgiving to change once the ink has been filled in.  It wasn’t until I reached the top set of eyes on the little egret that I finally found the fierce glint I was seeking. 


"Wrecking Crew" 15¼" x 20"
100 Master Giclée Edition S/N $125
10 A/P $150


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