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Rocky Mountain Bighorn Sheep


Peak of Perfection - Sherry Steele Rocky Mountain Bighorn Sheep

Exploring the canyons of southeastern Colorado in search of courting Merriams turkeys and ancient native petroglyphs, we were delighted to look up from a primeval drawing to find a small herd of Rocky Mountain Bighorn Sheep eyeing us.  Leading his band of ewes and lambs to safety on the hillside above us, the ram paused from his vantage point to survey their progress.  This same scene has been observed and etched into stone for thousands of years before us.  Looking closely at his granite pedestal you will find the petroglyph I memorialized in homage to those hunters/artists who preceded us.

"Peak of Perfection" 14½" x  23½" 
200 Master Giclée Edition S/N $125
20 A/P $150


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